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RENESA CJSC has been established by founding meeting of the company as of 26.03.2001.

On 11.04.2001 the Company was registered in the state registry of legal entities under RA Ministry of Justice (registration number 286.120.04191) and received a state registration certificate (Certificate No. 02A 050348).

Beginning from 15.06.2001 the Company has carried out specialized activities in Armenian stock market having the following licenses received from the Stock Committee of Armenia:

  • Borker’s license No. BG 0037, granted on 15.06.2001.
  • License No. HKG 0038 for conduction of trust management operations granted on 15.06.2001.

On 27.06.2008 the Company was reregistered in accordance with RA Law on “Stock market”  (Registration certificate No.5) and re-licensed by the CBA as an investment company.

  • License NY No. 0005 for conduction of investment activities, granted on 27.06.2008.
  • Changes made on 23/11/2010

Beginning from 24.01.2002 the Company  was a member of Armenian Stock Exchange  Self- regulatory  Organization, afterwards in consequence of the Stock Exchange renaming it became a member of the Armenian Stock Exchange OJSC, and now the Company is a member  of Nasdaq OMX Armenia OJSC.


Beginning from 11.12.2008 RENESA  CJSC  is a member of  the Securities Accounting System.

You can became familiar with the Regulation on the Securities Accounting System in the website

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