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On purpose of attraction of loan capital for its customers the company elaborates optimal strategy to access the market and provides wide choice of financial Instruments:

·        Bonds

·        Bank loans

·        Bill of exchange projects

·        other instruments

Broad customer base and large network of correspondent banks account for success in allocation of borrowings between market investors. The company provides its customers professional marketing solutions, allocation of debt securities with maximum beneficial terms, assiduous compilation of loan history aiming at increasing issuer’s opportunities to attract funds in open market and improve terms of financing in future.

The company offers its customers complex service of debt securities’ issue, allocation and servicing and may act as:

·        An issuer

·        underwriter (responsible for allocation of issued bonds)

·        Paying agent

·        Market -maker (responsible for constant bilateral quotations of bonds in secondary market)

The company provides informational-analytical support for bonds’ issue, organizes and holds presentation on issue of bonds, and makes regular analysis of secondary market for the issuer.

The company elaborates for its customers a strategy to tap the International capital market and renders financial consulting and lead-manager services under such projects.

Our company offers the following services for attraction of debt and project financing:

·        Analysis of current financial status and company’s development strategy for choice of optimal method of finance attraction.

·        Assistance on preparation of documents required by banks and other financial Institutions (business-plan, project feasibility study, etc.).

·        Conduction of negotiations for maximum beneficial conditions of financing

We have significant experience in this field, as well as close and constantly developing relationship with banks, which is the cornerstone of our customers’ success in attraction of finance for realization of certain projects or development strategy.

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