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The company offers a comprehensive package of investors’ asset management services.

Services of managing company are established for those who have explicitly cleared out for themselves that making money and managing it are different issues. The customers trust us their capital, and our task is to multiply it investing it in securities. The professionalism and knowledge of our employees command respect to our customers and have fostered to acquisition of standing reputation.

We offer a universal package of strategies allowing to cater the requirements of even the toughest customers and to reach maximum balance between revenue and risk. Our specialists will help you to choose an investment strategy fitting your private needs and will provide you with fully-fledged and all-inclusive information on financial market opportunities. You may significantly mitigate your risks and save your time trusting the management of your funds to experienced and skillful specialists.

We offer you:

·        Our customer assets’ management experience

·        Private manager and an Individual approach

·        Investment strategy designed especially for you

·        Effective risk management system

·        Constant review of financial market situation

·        Regular statements on investment portfolio status

·        Keeping of transactions made in strict confidence

Individual financial solutions lead to preparation, management and optimalization of Individual investment portfolios, which are designed to fit the goals, possibilities and requirements of each customer.

The company offers legal entities a comparatively short-term Individual investment portfolio:

·        Short-term (3-6 months) allocation of funds

·        Medium-term (up to one year) allocation of funds

The aforementioned services are rendered on the basis of Service Agreement signed between the customer and the company. Documentation package necessary to become the customer of the company, as well as acceptance and execution of the application for conclusion of transactions are established byProcedure on Conduction of Operations, payments for operations and their calculation order are determined by Tariff Schedule and Procedure on Calculation of Tariffs.

As each sector of economic activities investments in securities also bear certain risks and the Company wishes to focus the attention of visitors of this website to description of types of securities in which they can make investments, and related risks.

In the scope of securities portfolio of rendered management services the company does not promise any guaranteed level of profitability.

In the scope of securities portfolio of rendered management services the company as a reasonable reliance, which will allow the customer to evaluate the effectiveness of management, i.e. profitability of securities portfolio, suggests take as a basis the profitability of the banking system, depending on the average maturity of bank deposits.


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