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 The Company offers its customers/Individual investors a variety of opportunities to make their current foreign currency operations, in particular:

The company makes daily quotations on 1st group of foreign currencies allowing to receive operative information on market changes, make current operations, as well as invest and manage the funds more effectively.

On purpose of hedging against currency risk while making investments in foreign currency securities the Company offers its customers signing of foreign currency forward and swap contracts with different terms and conditions, widely used in International practice safeguard them from undesirable foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations and mitigate foreign currency risks.

Being the member of “NASDAQ OMX ARMENIA” stock exchange and having its own terminal in its foreign currency trading desk allows to make foreign currency sale/purchase operations directly, without paying commissions to banks with exchange rates fixed in the course of trading session

The above mentioned services are rendered on the basis of Service Agreement signed between the company and the customer. Documentation package necessary to become the customer of the company, as well as acceptance and execution of the application for conclusion of transactions are established by Procedure on Conduction of Operations, payments for operations and their calculation order are determined by Tariff Schedule andProcedure on Calculation of Tariffs.

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