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·        Investment and other financial services (hereinafter “Services”) are rendered on the basis of bilateral agreements, company’s by-laws and fixed tariffs.

·        While making similar transactions Main Service Agreement is concluded with the customer and the basis for each transaction is the application including transaction requisites submitted to the Company’s head office.

·        Service Agreement terms are not subject to any kind of restrictions and are regulated by mutual consent.

·        Service Agreement shall be terminated by the customer by 10 days prior notice to the company and premature fulfillment of his contractual liabilities. Company shall transfer to its customer the securities and monetary funds owned by him within 3 days following the termination of the Agreement.


·         Individual customers shall present:

o   passport copy (the original for comparison),

o   social card and other documents and information, if necessary.

·        Legal entity customers shall present:

o   Charter, State Registration Certificate copies (originals for comparison), and other documents and information, if necessary,

o   Notarized copies of List of Authorized Signatures of legal entity’s authorized representatives,

o   Documents certifying authorization of a person authorized to make instructions and receive reports and statements on behalf of the legal entity.


·        Transactions with customer’s securities and/or monetary funds are made on the basis of Main Service Agreement and the order (application) submitted to the Company’s office. The later is deemed to be submitted if sent via mail, e-mail, fax or handed over in person (in certain cases other means of application submittal shall be determined). In case if any amendment is made in the order (application) the customer shall present the new, amended order (application) to the company’s office before making a deal in accordance with this order.

·        Orders presented by the customers have priority against dealer applications.

·        The company makes deals in stock exchanges in accordance with rules set by stock exchanges. Off-board is made according to Armenian legislation regulating securities market and provisions of agreements inked between the company and the customer.



·        Settlements on transactions are realized within the terms set forth in the agreement,  via transfer to bank accounts.

The company makes transactions with its customers based on the principles of objectivity, ingenuousness, straightforwardness and mandatory disclosure on all transactions made by customer securities and monetary funds. In making customer orders the company acts exclusively to their benefit.


 The company shall submit reports to the client in accordance with the investment company by the frequency, order and deadlines providing the rules of investment services. 


Services rendered by the company are also established, regulated and coordinated by:

·       Tariff schedule

·        Guideline on Exclusion of Possible Conflict of Interests During Transactions and Undertaking of Respective Preventive Measures

·        Procedure Regulating the Process of Review of Customer Claims

·        Procedure on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing


ATTENTION: In case of transactions made in accordance with the requirements set forth in the order the customer shall bear the risks related to investments in securities. The company shall not reimburse customer’s losses, if these have not been incurred due to improper conduct of the company,

The punitive measures set forth in the Agreement are applied in case of customer’s non-performance, overdue performance or partial performance of his responsibilities.

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